Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Get outta bed around nine

An I don’t worry about nothin’ no

Cause worryin’s a waste of my, time’

Those are the first words of the song ‘Mr. Brownstone’ by Guns ‘n’ Roses. It was written about heroin
addiction. These words can sometime describe me because I wake up early, reach out for my phone
then browse for the next 1-3 hours before I get out of bed. Usually, I check my email and inboxes
then notifications followed by replying to tweets from my friends in the Diaspora who tweet when
I’m sleeping. That’s followed by reading some news then the whole thing ends with updating my
status and tweeting. But last Sunday was different, I woke up and went directly to my bookmarks and
pressed the news button. WHITNEY HOUSTON DIES AT 48.

I won’t lie; I was shocked and got up immediately. I first knew about Whitney after hearing “On My
Own” on radio some 9 years ago, or so. Then I became a fan. I didn’t believe how she managed to
sing like that! I followed her closely and always sympathized with her when it came to divorce and
substance abuse. I didn’t understand why she didn’t sing anymore but I used some of her lyrics in
love letters to girls when infatuation was running me like a marathon back in high school. When
she divorced in 2007, I was devastated, and then I was excited when she got up and attempted a
comeback in 2010.

Whitney put herself together and launched her come back on TV besides Oprah whom some 90’s kids
confused with Whitney. Can you believe some people posted Oprah’s pictures with the words ‘RIP
WHITNEY’ on facebook!? Anyway, she toured Europe and things didn’t go so well when she was not
able to sing like the Whitney of 20 years before. People actually walked out in the middle of the show
after she did a different version of “I Will Always Love You”. That was Brisbane in Australia. People
made so much noise about it, not considering what she had been through.

We live in a very harsh world. A world that motivates you when you are up, running and almost
ahead of it. But that same world will step and trample on you as soon as you trip even a little. When
Whitney was young and fresh from the church choirs where the good Lord had nurtured her, the
world adored her. She made international hits and everyone hailed her. When she got married
and things didn’t go so well, the same people that had built strongholds of praise and high regards
around her stripped her naked, telling the world of her marriage on the rocks, drugs and all other
weaknesses. This went on for the rest of her life.

I’m sure Whitney Houston at some point used drugs as a weapon against the harsh world that
suddenly surrounded her. She was a strong woman who probably fought more internal wars than
most of us. She used the drugs as a weapon in the war against the realities of the cruel world. Then it

turned out that the drugs were also an enemy that she had to fight. It’s very sad that the world that
had helped her into these situations never helped her out, but turned against her instead. She dealt
with failed marriage, drug addiction, loss of career, public image and definitely more. Many times
she went into rehab and even tried to tour again. She actually died in a hotel room where she was to
stay before singing at a pre Grammy party. That shows that she was willing and wanted to get back to
whom she used to be.

She fought and ran till the end of her race. The world was not nice to her until she died, then
suddenly, everyone is praising her. Nice words come from left, right and center. And that’s how we
are. We condemn, judge, demonize and don’t see anything good about people until they leave for
good. I think if Whitney had had the world encourage her to do her thing, however bad it sounded
from 3o years ago, she would still be alive. Imagine the impact it had on her fragile, fighting will when
those people walked out on her in Brisbane after travelling all the way from America to show them
that she was still willing to do it. Imagine how she felt every time she read about her fall and loss of
everything. If they did all that to her, what makes you think she wants to listen to you praise her even
if she was the best? Thank God she’s dead because you won’t get a smile from her for your filthy lies.

Have you ever asked yourself why Whitney never got married again after her divorce or was never in
sex scandals like many other celebrities? I believe it’s because she had a goal she was aiming at. But
we were never in her team to help her score it. We attacked and jeered instead. Now some people
are blaming Bobby Brown for her ruin, forgetting that he in this moment is in deep grief and pain. The
poor man received the news of her former wife’s death just before he got on stage in Memphis and
he broke down missing the first song. He got on stage for the second song and shouted “I love you
Whitney. The hardest thing for me to do is to come on this stage.” He then blew a kiss to the sky with
visibly teary eyes. That is clearly a man in pain right now and we are still fighting him. I bet we are
going to do this until he dies, then we will shower his death with sweet nothings.

It’s sad, really sad that this is the world we have decided to make and live in. Let’s love one another
and let LOVE be our torch. A light has been deemed and I extend my deepest condolence to her
family, friends, fans and all who have been touched by her life and everything.



Saturday, 11 February 2012


Everyone has been asking why i dont really have a chick,and every chick suspects that i probably have one or two that are dear to me.The truth however is,all girls are dear to me,and im yet to find the dearest.

Everyone has been speculating,always asking how our love life is progressing and everytime i answer they die a little more inside,because my answer is never the expected.The truth is,i had ditched her for a while,or maybe long (11hours a day to be precise) to do other things.She knows it and she hates it,i hate it too.Shes been crying since i left because i didnt really want to,but i had to because she was not able to sustain and keep me as hers alone.This was because we were,and are still very young together.I realised her long ago even before i hit my puberty.That was 8 years ago and this July will make it 9.
When i first encountered her in 2003,it ws acool Sunday morning and i loved her despite the fact that she didnt know me and it wasnt  a slight bother to her.We within a few minutes bonded and vowed to be together until the very end.Since then its been very hard,infact the first few months after that were brutal.We faced tarbulents,hurricanes and tornados.But a few times we've also slept in beds of rosses and tossed glasses of expensive wines at high places and palaces.


Seeing her now almost killed me because when i left she was fine,so i never bothered to say goodbye because i believed she would always be a piece of my heart.I had missed her so terribly that i i at times felt her ooze out of my system into the thin air.She sat there,and i sat right there before her.We were facing each other liked we had done in 2003 when we did our secret silent and sacred exchange of vows in a hall full of fools singing and dancing to a totally different occasion.But today we looked like two antagonising forces in a court of law...spirits were low.Then tears started poring down her face like two mercury falls.I felt a hard potato force its way down my throat then my hair stood up.Straight.My ear lobes were shaking like an elephant's in the Mara plains.The room situation was hot.I sai i was sorry then i looked down.She asked me what i had been doing and at that moment i wanted to take a gun and shoot life out of my empty shell of a head like Itere's boys shooting suspected terror squads,because if it had anything,it would have stopped me from doing what i had done.That was the only ultimate way i thought i could show my regret,then we would meet in the next world,punished and forgiven but in this world forgotten.

The reason i couldnt answer her was because i had promised to do her alone,and other arts like writing and drawing if she allowed,so Other Things was not an anwer i was going to give her.I said i was really sorry and regreted every single second i spent away from her.I told her i was ready to let go of every other thing i was doing and be her slave only.She makes me happy and thats what is crucial in my life.But i still told her of my my dreams,once again.I mentioned a nice house that she would be occupying each and every room of including the toilets.I told her about nice clothes,a king size bed,a big car,good food and my younger brothers' education.I mentioned my general security and my old parents who needed my support.Then i reminded her that i needed her first.

My Dear First Love stood up and hugged me,it was the best hug i've ever had all my life.It was a forgiving,comforting and an assuring hug.She told me it was alright,that i was free,for it was fine and good for me to to chase my dreamsBut now,i didn't have to do it alone,but with and through her.She said if i worked smart and just a little bit hard,we would last forever with all my dreams having come true.So i quit all my every other thing i was doing and started to do her right away from where i had stopped.I also re-newed our old covenant,not to do any other thing but her alone.

Jerk Of All Trades: THIS IS WAR

Jerk Of All Trades: THIS IS WAR: We all have an idea of how life begun, from the creation story to t...


We all have an idea of how life begun, from the creation story to the big bang theory. Different myths have different versions too like the swollen knee that burst to produce the first man and woman. The Maasai believe that God came to give them cows but left with some. They jumped to try and snatch that one cow as God went back into the heavens but He was too fast leaving them to jump for the rest of their lives hoping to get that cow someday. But the hopeless jumping later became very crucial in their      lives because today they jump over the lion when it charges towards them and to impress the ladies. The highest jumper gets the prettiest girl. Normally, when a child is born, he is slapped a little to cry so that he can breathe. In some cultures, the child is given both bitter and sweet foods to introduce him/her to the world of good and bad situations that they are going to face.
This is not to remind you about Darwin theories and stuff like that because I know you probably failed them in high school. The point is that EVERY EXISTANCE IS WAR.
The universe is only held together by (for lack of a better word) antagonizing forces that keep us alive. The day the sun will decide to keep its heat to itself, the moon, being as gay as it looks compared to the sun will cease to own the night. The earth and other planets will probably fall and roll like marbles on the floor bumping into one another, causing the greatest of floods, hurricanes and tsunamis when lakes, oceans and seas get turned upside down. There will also be a great fire caused by the friction as the earth rushes through the toxic gases of space at a speed greater than that of light. I don’t know what more will happen but there will be more trouble when our planet hits another planet for example Mars. Maybe people will fall off and with such speeds; it will only take 30 seconds for flesh to turn into ashes.
Forget about that, let’s talk about people. We are constantly fighting and there are many types of war that would stretch up to two miles if I listed them on tissue paper. The craziest thing about it is that they can be sort out just like that. Most wars including world wars are personal wars that people can simply sit or lie down and finish. Think about this, global warming is threatening our existence right now and a lot of resources are spent on trying to create awareness and clear all the mess we have, and continue to create yet it’s such a simple thing to do. That guy carelessly cutting trees only knows too well that when he cuts a tree, there will never be another tree unless he plants it. We already have laws that if we live by and let our common senses guide us, global warming will be a minor worry.
Think about a father who forces his son to be what he doesn’t want to be. It’s a serious matter that can break a family because the son can run away or the father can even disown his son. There are only three reasons why he is doing so and I’m going to look at each one of them below:-
(i)He wants to fulfill in his son a dream that he was never fulfilled himself
(ii)He is an achiever so he wants his son to be just like him
(iii)He is carrying on a family tradition or reputation
Father (i) is fighting in himself because he is bitter for not living to his dream. The thought of being a loser in that one thing is what his ego won’t stand and that’s the fight he is fighting in himself but it spills to his innocent son. He has a right of ownership over his son so he wants to see in him what he never was. He forgets that just like he had a dream as a child, his son is at that stage and has his own dreams as well. Father (ii) is fighting with pride. He is concerned about what people will say if his son doesn’t end up like him and he is scared of being called less successful as a father. He forgets that his son will only be happy and proud if he also achieves what he really wants to achieve.  Father (iii) is fighting a fight he fought and lost or never fought at all. He forgets that family reputation can be good and admirable but what really matters is personal choice and happiness. The best thing a parent can ever do to a child is give advice and support. There are many kids from adorable families whose dreams are just to have different lives, think about it.
Think about that holier than thou guy who is always on your case because you wear jeans and t-shirt to church, you pierced your ears or because you have dreads or anything like that. Think about a Muslim who has to wake up at 5am everyday to pray and keep praying at set times until the day ends. Consider that teacher or accountant or a civil servant who has to dress in a certain way and work every day from 8am to 5pm for all their working lives. Think about yourself, the times you have to wake up, things you have to do every day whether you like them or not. That’s what life sometimes gives us. So we go out there and fight because we are already heavily battling deep within ourselves. World wars, religious and tribal wars happen because someone somewhere has a war in them so they instigated those feelings in many other people then they find a party that is not like them to fight with.
That holier than thou guy is fighting the lack of freedom to just be himself, I mean, God never created suits, neither does the bible say that wear suits to church if it even mentions suits at all. Jihad is not war against non believers but war against the strict rules of religion that a Muslim brother has to go through to remain pure in the eyes of Allah. That old guy is not against your earrings, but against the thought that he would have loved to be free like you when he was young, or even now but the situations he is in cannot allow him. Sometimes the police and all those workers in banks, hospitals and offices are never mean because they like it. It’s the fight against slavery to the system. So people fight internal wars that can be solved just internally but because of some reasons, they are fanned and passed over to other people also busy fighting theirs!
So my people, I call you to duty. Take your amours and shields, swords, helmets and breast plates and go to war. Our arsenal is our minds and our weapons are truth, justice, pride, confidence, tolerance and love. My advice to you is that you must know that in this life, what matters is happiness. Do what you have to do to take you to where you want to be. Children should be guided until the end of high school then be left to decide. If you want to be rich, then make the wealth in your own way as long as you don’t hurt anyone. Make your decisions and let others make theirs. Be and let others be. Choose what’s good for you because at the end of the day, it’s only you.