Monday, 25 February 2013


Slum Sanaa is a community project in Huruma area of Nairobi that supports young people through arts. They discover and narture artists from as young as 5 years old (from my last observation) and give them direction. Situated in the eastlands and just a stone throw away from Mathare, these kids dont have much for     recreation and the centre provides a safe environment for them to get creative through music, painting, drawing, theatre and painting among others.
 I got an invitation from a young lady spending several months of her life out of college to volunteer at the centre, to an exhibition that was being held by the kids they work with there. What i saw was simply moving and very cute. The kids are very creative, lovely and they can do much much more with the right direction. Just take a look and decide for yourself...

As soon as i got into the room, a little girl grabbed my camera and made this shot of me

These masks made me imagine what they looks like in the minds of their creators
My FAVORITE piece. Being a drummer, i wanted to take this home to my room :)

Fish is what my people are best known for...

This made me miss Maasai Mara for a second! 

Everyone from a hot place like Nairobi right now knows what this does to you ;)

Meet artist number 1

Just cant get enough of it!

Young Patriot right there

Looks like an old piece from the tombs of Pharaos

Which tree do you want?

tere re reeen!!!!!!

One of my dreams is to run a across a big stage playing  a solo like Brian May


Give him a name...

Another patriot...not like the American football team,,,as in patriotism :p

They are amazed at just how much they can do!

Very proud artist!

Imagine the imagination...

Victor and ...Victoria???

Clown face

She is one of the pillars of this exhibition

Wall Of Fame

I love dirty rubber shoes...especially Chucks!

Artistes comparing notes

Meet the lollipop, it was used by so many kids to take pictures that i though it wasnt real!

The lone ranger!

Happy face

Am i the only one loving this picture?

I was given love

...and more...

The cool Kids!

...and more love

Somebody say aaaaaaaaaaaawwww!


Yeah, say whaaaat!

See you next time

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